Before New Jersey had “Snooki” or Tony Soprano it had Lloyd Lindsay Young, with WWOR Channel 9’s studio in Secaucus. Young wasn’t just a television weather forecaster, he was a pop culture phenomenon.  His "trademarks" remain a booming voice and boisterous delivery to include a loud “Helloooooooooo, Your Town!” in his report.

Considered by many as the best weatherman ever, if you saw Lloyd once, belting his signature intro “Hellooooo!” and a yell of “Science!” before showing the radar, you would not forget the moment.

As for his famed opening, Young says it was created by accident. “One night in Idaho Falls, my first television job, I just blurted it out.”  Young says. “I was curious if anybody up in Wyoming was watching, so I yelled, ‘Hellooooo, Jackson, Wyoming!’”  After getting a lot of favorable reaction from viewers, Young thought that he “might have something here.” The boisterous Young tried it again the next night using a different town—and the rest is history.

“I like to have fun with the weather. It wasn’t a serious delivery; it was my shtick.” Lloyd says. “Weather offered levity in a newscast because a lot of the news is depressing by nature.”   However, when a storm was brewing or changing drastically Young turned serious; reporting outside in blizzards at 20 below wind chill factor.”

At the height of his popularity Double L amassed an enormous collection of weather pointers used during his television reports. Viewers sent in thousands of objects including plastic alligators, a launching rocket, a mannequin leg (complete with stiletto), and petrified animal body parts.

After television, Young transitioned to radio weather in California.  He maintains the same style on radio that made him famous on TV, including his over-the-top “Helloooooo!” unless the weather gets too serious for that personality.   Young has combined his Broadcasting degree with his love of weather.  “I am not a serious meteorologist.  But on the other hand, I know a lot about the weather, because I’m obsessed with it.”
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